About Us

Cohen Asset Management Offers Varied Indices for Portfolio Opportunities

Brad S. Cohen stands at the helm of Cohen Asset Management, Inc. (“CAM”), a real estate investment and management group. CAM focuses its acquisitions and management activities around industrial and warehouse properties, large and small, in a selection of key target markets. Current key target markets include the corridor from Baltimore to D.C., California in the Northern and Southern regions, Allentown and Philadelphia, certain segments in northern New Jersey State, the city of Phoenix in Arizona, and the highly desirable strip from Fort Worth to Dallas, Texas. The property holdings focus on large warehouse space, flex space, research and development space, and a variety of smaller industrial-based real estate assets as well.

In its continual monitoring of the ever-changing landscape of real estate market cycles, the Cohen team maintains a number of investment indices to assist with profitability and acquisition monitoring. Wherever needed, the Cohen Asset Management team also maintains an ongoing relationship with a handful of key independent research providers, such as CBRE Econometric Advisors combining internal and external indices to evaluate each portfolio opportunity from a number of different perspectives. These evaluations are also brought to bear upon a number of key CAM-held and managed investment funds that are made available to key qualified investment partners periodically. For property holdings, current lease and/or ownership structures under CAM management have included fee simple preferred, ground leases, leasehold positions, and priority loan positions.

The CAM team divides its time between its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California and a second East Coast office in the state of New Jersey. With offices on the West and East Coasts, respectively, CAM maintains a big picture overview of its nationwide property and investment holdings at all times.  From property purchases and sales to strategic market research, property development, portfolio management, undervalued or high risk property assessment, among other services, this company’s holdings deliver value-added in every market where the group maintains a presence. Each Principal brings extensive real estate expertise into the team, while also maintaining strong ties to the communities in which they work and serve.